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Popular Keynote Topics

Creating Results Will Solve
Your Problems:

You can solve a problem or you can create a solution. Shift from the limiting focus of problem-solving to the limitless  potential of creating solutions and dramatically change your capacity to achieve results for yourself and for your organization.

Creating a Culture of Candor

We all value honesty. But it's surprisingly difficult  to have direct conversations about difficult topics at work. Learn how to build a culture of candor in your organization and  propel your team toward exceptional results.

Turning Design into Strategy:

Most strategic planning is neither strategic nor is it a plan.  It is simply an exercise that takes up your time and often takes you off course.  Learn how to leverage your design thinking into design strategy and build alignment and momentum throughout your entire organization.  

Creative Disorganizational Systems:

Are you frustrated by traditional planning tools?  Learn how to effectively organize and manage creative work! Learn how to build the systems and habits that will help you identify and stay focused on your most important priorities.

Workshop Facilitation

Every group is different so a one-size-fits-all facilitation method is unlikely to  rarely propels anyone towards their stated goals. But when each member of a group is fully present and aligned on shared outcomes, a good facilitator armed with good tools and the ability to respond in real time to the group's needs can create magic.  

Her design-focused planning approach will help you transform your vision into reality. Using creative tools and methods, she will help you clarify and establish goals that will influence strategic decision-making across your organization.

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Want to engage Jane to speak at your next event, design a program for your group or consult on your latest project? Contact her today.

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