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These some words that describe me when I'm at work:



I love working with people who are full of possibility and just need the right conditions to generate the transformation.  Some people are happy to simply tweak or modify things to get a slightly better product or result.  I'm more interested in taking the resources at hand and creating something completely new and sustainable.  

One of my favorite movie moments is in Apollo 13 when the engineer dumps a bunch of parts onto a table and says, "we need make this (round pipe) fit into this (square hole) using only that (the stuff on the table).  

Transforming is both renewal and evolution.  After a transformational change, things cannot go back to the way they were, which is why transformational change is change that works.

A butterfly is not just a better version of a caterpillar.  It is a transformation.  



Some of the things I've created that I'm most proud of:

  • A cabaret theater in the basement of the historic D & F Clocktower;

  • The longest running holiday sketch-comedy in Denver;

  • A small public high school whose mission is to help young people develop the skills needed to become the creative force in their own lives;

  • A leadership program that has launched some pretty incredible talent across Colorado;

  • A system of organization that works for creative people with ADD;

  • Around 200 song parodies to serve various purposes over the years;

  • One of the best plates of nachos ever.


Still need three reasons why I might be someone you want to work with?  


  1. Who better than a creative skeptic to bring a fresh perspective and challenge the paradigms?

  2. You will generate new ideas and possibilities and get some concrete tools and strategies that you can put to use immediately.

  3. When you shift your focus from problem-solving to creating, you have more energy and frankly, it's more fun.  And as a bonus, you will be able to create the results that you really want.  

Keynote Topics

Creating Results Will Solve
Your Problems:

You can solve a problem or you can create a solution. Shift from the limiting focus of solving problems to the endless potential of creating solutions and dramatically change your potential for achievement.

Creating a Culture of Candor

Transformational change requires a clear vision and an honest assessment of reality. But it's surprisingly difficult for most people to have direct conversations about Learn how to build a culture of candor in your organization and  propel your teams toward exceptional results.

Your Design is Actually Your Strategy:
Creative Disorganizational Systems:

Most strategic planning is neither strategic nor is it a plan.  It is simply an exercise that takes up your time and often takes you off course.  Learn how to leverage your design thinking into design strategy and build alignment and momentum throughout your entire organization.  

Are you frustrated by traditional planning tools.  Learn how to effectively organize and manage creative work! Learn how to build the systems and habits that will help you identify and stay focused on your most important priorities.

Moderation & Facilitation

Every group is different so a one-size-fits-all facilitation method is unlikely to  rarely propels anyone towards their stated goals. But when each member of a group is fully present and aligned on shared outcomes, a good facilitator armed with good tools and the ability to respond in real time to the group's needs can create magic.  

Depending on your group needs, Jane can implement facilitation strategies that range the contiuum of Mary Poppins to Rambo. Her design-focused planning approach will help you transform your vision into reality. Using creative tools and methods, she will help you clarify and establish goals that will influence strategic decision-making across your organization.

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