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Executive coaching benefits leaders who are committed to their own development and to the growth of their team. Coaching can support and sustain leaders during transitions to new responsibilities and during periods of rapid growth and change. Executive coaching helps senior leaders achieve their personal best and expand their repertoire of tools and skills. An executive coach is like a personal trainer for leadership. The coach helps the leader build and internalize new habits that support them in achieving results for themselves and for their teams.

Typical Coaching Structure


Executive coaching is a highly personalized process tailored to an individual's needs to further their own leadership skills. One on one sessions may be conducted in person or virtually. 


  • Monthly meetings -- 80-90 minutes

  • Check in calls between meetings -- 30 min

  • Self-assessment, other relevant assessment tools, progress monitoring.

  • Setting goals and creating action plans. 

  • A safe space for reflection and feedback. Since coaching is confidential, leaders appreciate the opportunity to break out of their isolated role, assess their own strengths and challenges and chart a productive path forward for themselves and their organizations.

  • Increased self-awareness. A major outcome of coaching for the individual leader is a higher level of self-awareness, which, many believe, is a prerequisite for strong and effective leadership. 

  • Better management skills. Coaching helps leaders prioritize key actions and manage time more effectively.

  • Higher levels of confidence and clarity. Leaders regularly report that coaching strengthens their ability to engage their people, make better decisions, and lead with confidence. 

  • Stronger leadership teams. Leaders note that coaching has helped them improve communications and interpersonal relationships among their teams and provide leadership training and coaching to their direct reports. 

Want to learn more?

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation call with me. No sales pitch, no pressure, no strings attached. Just an opportunity to have a quick chat and see if working together might work for you.

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