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I've worked in education for 30 years as a teacher, principal and district administrator. As a result, I know how to get past the bureaucratic barriers and get things done for the students and educators in Denver.
Working Effectively with the Superintendent

A key responsibility of the board is to oversee the work of the superintendent and evaluate his performance. I am an experienced school and district leader and I’ve also served as a COO and CEO in a non-profit organization. I will use my organizational and leadership development expertise to help build and sustain a strong and trusting relationship between the board and the superintendent, provide effective feedback, and evaluate performance.

Creating a Shared Vision

I have a proven track record of results in leading transformational change. I will bring those skills to oversee a strategic planning process that harnesses the creative capacity of our entire community. Once we have a strong plan in place, we will more effectively utilize resources, eliminate waste, and empower educators to focus on their best teaching. This will create the conditions for continuous improvement and innovation and success across all schools in Denver. 

Engaging with the Community

Over the past few years, the board has struggled to effectively engage the community in important decisions. I will bring strong planning and facilitation skills along with my experience in community engagement to help the board create effective processes for input and participation. This will require us to go beyond surveys and committees. It will require us to listen to all voices and perspectives through processes that build and maintain trust.

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