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Inside a Creative Mindset

There are two ways to approach a challenge. You can solve the problem it presents, or you can create the result that you want. Many people think it's just a matter of semantics but there is a distinct and important difference. When you set out to solve a problem, you are trying to make something go away. It pulls your energy toward the problem and often the problem reappears again down the road and you're back to square one. But when you focus on creating a result, you are trying to make something come into being and this creates energy and momentum. Success is followed by more success.

The creative process is the force behind all of human achievement. A creative mindset is easily cultivated by intentionally focusing on the desired result instead of on the problem. Once this becomes a habit, you will naturally organize your actions toward results and away from problem-solving. I have successfully used the creative process over the last twenty years to help individuals and organizations create results that are transformational and sustainable.

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